On It’s Own Sweet Time

I’ve got a wonderful pear tree in my backyard. Right now there are tons (ok, about 30) of pears hanging from it. I’ve seen them grow from the smallest blossoms to wonderfully shaped pears. They’re turning light green, but they’re still hard as a rock! They look ready to eat, but they’re not. Every few days my wife and I check to see if they’re ready by squeezing to see if they’re softening up.
One time I thought one was ready. I picked the pear, took a bite and spit it out. Nasty! My eyes were playing tricks on me. As long as the pears stay connected to the tree they will be ready when they’re ready. My wanting them to be ready now will not change that fact.
Just as pears go through a process of change to ripen into something sweet, so do believers in Jesus. It takes time to retrain yourself and your brain to live with a Biblical worldview. It takes time to replace the stinking thinking with the truths of God. The process of filtering daily life through the Word of God and then making faith choices to do what He shows you takes time. Yet we know, just like the pear, if we stay connected to the tree/Jesus, we will produce the sweet fruit of a changed life (Jn. 15:5-8).

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