A Penny for Your Thoughts

What we think about is worth far more than a penny. What we think about can either bring us into bondage or into freedom. It all depends upon the thoughts we allow to run around in our heads (Rom. 12:2).
Let me ask you, right now, are your thoughts running with the wild horses, taking you every where they want you to go? Or, are they running with the tamed horses, going where you want them to go? Notice the phrase on the penny, “In God We Trust”. Do your daily thoughts reflect your trust in Jesus or yourself? Are they anxious thoughts or peaceful thoughts? Are they thoughts of truth fed by the Word of God or lies fed by the enemy? Be careful what you let roll around in your head as you will become what you think about.
The next time see a penny on the street, ask yourself, “Is what I’m thinking about based upon the truth of God’s Word or something that will take me where I don’t really want to go?” You’ve been given the mind of Christ as God’s child (1 Cor. 2:26), which means you can think Jesus’ thoughts that bring victory over your daily struggles. Jesus came to set the captives, you and me, free and it starts with what we think about throughout our day.
“S”et Free Nowww

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