After Breathing Hard Comes Easy

There are a couple of hills behind my house that I usually walk around when I take my daily prayer walks. This time I sensed the Lord telling me to go up and over one of them. When I got down the other side, He showed me something. Yes, many times it’s faster and easier to go around the hills or challenges in our lives, but it is not always best.
When it comes to retraining our brains to process our daily decisions through the Word of God, we often want to take the easy route. This is not the meaning behind the principle Exercising the truth. We are to take the truths that result from our filtering process and practice them by faith, which has nothing to do with changing our circumstances.
Biblical faith is not about removing or finding a path around our challenges, the hills in our lives. No, biblical faith is about changing us. It’s about allowing the Spirit in the midst of our challenges to use them to make us like Jesus (Heb. 12:4-13). At times this will mean going over the hills not around them.
Will exercising the truth cause you to get a little winded? Yes. I was at I got the top. As I came down the backside of it, though, my breathing quickly returned to a normal rhythm. As you practice the truths at the point of the lie, rather than running around or away from your challenges, your faith will be much stronger and healthier. One worth having and passing on.

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