Enjoy the Friendship Now

I know the truth we’ve been talking about all week that life change takes time is a bitter pill to swallow. We’d rather have had God change us yesterday. So what do you do while you practice processing your daily decisions through the truths at the point of the lies? Enjoy your walk with Jesus, your best friend.
Abraham left his homeland even though he didn’t know where He was going. Why? He was friends with God (James 2:23). He was given three very specific promises (Gen. 12:1-2) that never became reality in his lifetime. Why continue to walk with a God who doesn’t seem to keep His promises? Abraham enjoyed walking with his friend that’s why.
Abraham had a personal relationship with His God, which meant more to him than the end result of that relationship – goodies here or heaven later. It was about being with his God now as well as forever. Did Abraham have some bad days along the way? Sure. We have a world conflict today as a consequence of one particular mistake. Did Abraham have some good days? He sure did and became God’s example of a future Father-Son love relationship.
Yes it takes time to retrain your brain to think biblically in every situation you face. Yes it takes time to become more like Jesus. Yet remember the “N” principle: Never give up yourself – Jesus won’t. He doesn’t give up on us because we’re His friends (Jn. 15:15)! Rather than make living about what comes next, make it about living with your friend now.

Set Free “N”owww

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