Eyes Forward

A good friend of mine taught me a wonderful principle to keep from crashing when I’m mountain biking: keep looking where you want to go as your bike will follow your eyes. If you want to avoid the deep channels in the trail focus on the part of the trail that goes around them, not the channel itself. Your wheel will go where your eyes go.
It’s the same with becoming more like Jesus. If you want off the sin-confession-sin cycle keep listening to Jesus (Heb. 12:2) with your eyes focused on the truths from His Word, rather than on where you don’t want to go, your drug of choice.
If you choose to put your filter down (the FREEdom Process) for any length of time (focusing on the channel) your life will go where you’re eyes are looking (the channel in the trail) and you’ll end up scrapping your knees and elbows on your drugs of choice.
Keep doing what got and keeps you free from your drugs of choice (Gal. 5:1): focusing on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith, and the truths from His Word, so you can continue to successfully navigate the deep channels off life and enjoy riding on your journey.

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