The Way Works

Yesterday I climbed a good sized hill I’d never climbed before, one that I could see the entire path that led to the top. As I approached its base, a homeowner came out to warn me about the rattlesnakes and coyotes I could encounter along the way. As I’d encountered them before, I thanked her for the heads up and began to climb. Interestingly enough though, about half way up I could no longer see the entire trail, only the section I was walking along. I wasn’t worried as I saw the entire path before I started. I simply had to trust and stay on the path to get me to the top.
This scenario gives us a picture of the principle Entertain the truth. The Bible describes the hills or challenges in our lives – both the path to follow (Set Free Nowww) and those that would wish us to be afraid to walk or stay on that path. It also tells us that if we follow the Path/Way and the Truth, Jesus, we’ll end up on top of our challenges. We will taste victory and experience joy. There are times, however, when our journey will take us places where we can’t see the victory or the end of the challenge. Jesus is asking us to trust Him enough to stay on the path He laid out for us to follow.
I got to the top and felt the victory of a cool breeze on my face and the joy of seeing the entire valley spread out before my eyes. If we trust Jesus by keep walking with Him, even when we can’t see the top, we too will enjoy the victory of becoming more like Jesus and experiencing more of the joy and peace He has for us.

S“E”t Free Nowww

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