Need New Lenses?

Two people were interacting, when one said, “Do you see what they see?” The person was asking the boss to look at the situation from their employee’s viewpoint before they rendered a decision. It was obvious to the outside observer that the boss was about to make a colossal mistake if they didn’t stop and gather the information their employee had to offer.
One of the reasons we get into trouble or make bad decisions is that we look at life through our eyes and not Jesus’. Then, when He doesn’t respond the way we think He should, we use this as a justification to satisfy our needs our way (i.e. taking our drug of choice).
The problem is that we’re looking at the situation from our point of view. This is what living with a Biblical worldview (i.e. listening to and doing what Jesus says) does. The principles help us filter out our false expectations of God to discover what God actually says He’ll do through the Word. As we exchange the lies we believe about God with the truth, we can then remove our unhealthy justifications for taking our drugs of choice and the negative consequences that come with them.
Need a new lenses? I do, daily.
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