Oh, It Hurts So Good!

I sat with a friend last night and cried. As I had walked that same path I could totally relate to what they were going through. I shared with them about how the Lord got me through it. He taught me what a Biblical worldview was. Oh, not the ones I read on various websites that concentrated on specific biblical truths. He focused me on how to process life, all the information I received externally and internally, through the Word of God – Jesus and His Word.
I had to share with them that the process was not a quick fix as many Christians who live a pop-a-pill Christianity desire. No, it would take time for the Spirit to reveal the lies in their thinking, replace them with specific truths at the point of the lie, and then if God didn’t perform a miracle, it would take time to eradicate that lie from their brain. This process can hurt, but it’s extremely beneficial; and yes, it takes time and sometimes tears.
I described it like making a smoothie. You put the raw vegetables and fruit into a blender in order to grind them down to the point you can drink it. Tearing and ripping at the ingredients produce a soothing drink to energize one’s body. Yes, it hurts, but oh how good it goes down.
If we want true, lasting change, pain is coming our way. If we want to see the Spirit replace our worn out useless character with eternal Christ-like character, it’s a time intensive process that quite frankly at times will make one cry. But as my mom would say, “Oh it hurts so good!”
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