Thanks Before the Rescue

thanks returnI was struggling yesterday with a decision I believed the Lord had me make. Yet, the results I’m encountering at the moment are not what I expected and are making me doubt the wisdom of that decision, which is robbing me of my peace.
I’m still not too sure what the outcome will be, but I’m back in a state of peace. It came back this morning as I was reading Psalm 50 for Bible Impact. God chimed in. “He who sacrifices thank offerings honors Me, and he prepares the way so that I (God) may show him the salvation of God.” (Psalm 50:21) Wow, just what I needed to hear!
The thank offering is a type of peace offering, which is the Old Testament foundation of the FREEdom process. As we process life through the truths we’ve allowed the Spirit to put into our filters, we are to praise and thank God in the midst the situation, not after when the final results are finally tallied. We do this because of the truth of Psalm 50:21. Being thankful in the midst of the situation prepares us to see Him work, which causes our peace to return.
I still have no clue how God is going to come through, but I know He will. It might not work out how I thought it would, but I’m at peace. Isn’t that what we all long for – peace regardless of the outcome? It comes by thanking God before He rescues us.
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