Avenues of the Enemy

road closureI recently finished leading a class on our archenemy, Satan and his helpers. Those taking the class were quite surprised at all the avenues open to his disposal to get us to destroy our lives. What avenues can you shut down?
How much I weigh has always been an avenue he’s used to attack my security as a child of God. This creates a vicious cycle in my life. When I feel less than stellar about who I am in Christ, I tend to eat. This eating causes me to gain weight, which makes an even wider avenue for him to use. What’s sad is that he uses this avenue to drag me down even when life is good.
Why not take that avenue away from him? I’ve discovered that when I open this avenue to my enemy, he usually tries to open up other avenues of attack as well.
God’s been closing that avenue this past month. He’s been changing my thinking about food – not just why I eat, but what I eat as well. By doing so, He’s closing a vital artery to my enemy. Not only do I feel better physically, but spiritually as well. I can physically see what God is doing, which makes my joy increase and by ability to hear Him become more sensitive. Good days stay good. Bad days don’t go out of control as they once did.
What avenue is the Spirit asking to close in your life? Use your biblical tools to hear and follow Jesus today. Let your bad days be turned to good days. And let your good days get even better!
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