Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

self-talkI gave a quote in an earlier entry about the art of war. It basically said that if you want to defeat your drugs of choice, your repeated sinful behaviors, you must not only know yourself, but your enemy as well. I want to add to that quote right now. “Know yourself. Know your enemy … make sure it’s not you!”
We are our own worst enemies at times! Remember how the brain works. It can only receive data from your senses. The “you” part of you must determine whether that data is true or not. You become what you focus on. And what you focus on only gets bigger. Is what you’re telling yourself and focusing on truth or lies? You, not anyone else, make that decision.
You are a child of God (Jn. 1:12). Are you agreeing or disagreeing with that truth? Christ has set you free (Gal. 5:1). Is what you’re saying to yourself lining up with that truth? Please be careful what you say to yourself. Filter even your own thoughts through the truths of God’s word. Know yourself – you’re a secure child of God. Know your enemy – Satan. Put your energy into defeating a defeated foe, rather than yourself.
“S”et Free Nowww

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