God’s Love Always Shines Through

God loves youYour God loves you! I know you know that, but do you believe it? Today I have the perfect example of what lengths God will go to in order to show and prove His love to us.
As I was sitting down to write this entry, my computer would not connect to the internet. I spent about a half hour trying everything I knew, which wasn’t much mind you, to solve my problem. Technology is wonderful … until it starts acting up. Everything I do is reliant upon having internet because I have an “office on the go;” thus, I called my IT person.
This is where God stepped in. This person needed to talk to someone at that exact moment. They’re going through a rather rough patch in their life right now. They had just finished tearing up, wanting to give up, and trying to call someone for prayer when I “just happened” to call. We chatted about how the cliché Christian answers weren’t working. We processed their situation through their biblical tools and realized that sometimes it’s just a big “wait for the solution to come” time. They had to keep exercising the truth regardless of how they felt or the situation looked.
After this chat, this person gave me a few possible solutions, none of which worked. We made a plan and then hung up. Guess what happened? My computer “all of a sudden” connected to the internet! Coincidence? I don’t think so. God wanted His child to know they were loved. This person needed to be reminded of this at exactly that moment. God shut down my internet to make it happen. If that’s not an act of love, I don’t know what is.
Your God loves you! He has gone to great lengths to show – He sent Jesus – and will continue to go to great lengths to prove it. The fact that you’re reading this entry is one example of it.
“S”et Free Nowww

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