Guard Rails are Good

Falls FireA forest fire not far from my home is still ablaze. Firefighters believe they’ll have what is now called the Falls Fire within the Cleveland National Forest contained within a few days. So far it has consumed 1,416 acres of forest land and over 6,000 feet of guard rail that runs along the Ortega Highway, a major commuter route for drivers from Riverside to Orange County. Local authorities will not let people on the road until the guard rail is replaced. Without it, there is no protection for motorists who stray.
The guard rails are not needed to drive on this road, but are there to protect motorists who while driving get a little sloppy, doze off at the wheel or act like race car drivers. The guard rails are there for safety reasons, not to use for or stare at while driving.
It is simply not safe to drive through life without the Word of God. It is our guard rail. Jesus is our road. We are to drive through life each day in relationship with Jesus while listening to and following Him. The guard rails, specific commands from the Word of God, keep us safe. We don’t focus on them, but on Jesus who would never tell us to hit or even come close to the guard rails, let alone drive off the cliff! Being in the Word, knowing where those guard rails are, keeps us safe. Listening to and following Jesus everyday everywhere makes the drive home enjoyable.
How is your listening to Jesus while reading through the Bible in a year coming along? Your safety and daily enjoyment depends on it.
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