You Can Hit the Curve

the curveIt’s an American expression, “Life sure threw you a curve.” In the game of baseball, anyone can hit a ball that goes straight, but hitting a ball that changes direction separates the everyday person from one who makes millions of dollars per year.
We all have plans about where we want to go in life. What happens when it doesn’t go as “we” planned? Life isn’t a straight path. It has its share of twists and turns. Proverbs 3:5-6 reveals that God can make our paths straight. He is around the corner and knows what’s ahead. He knows what is best for us. The question becomes, “Will we trust Him and not our plans?”
One of the very reasons we take our drugs of choice is that life doesn’t or isn’t turning out like “we” thought it would. Do we have the audacity to believe that as mere humans we have a better picture of what is best for us than our Father does, the One who can see life from every angle and knows all the combinations of all humanity’s actions?
As secure children of God our greatest test of trust comes when life throws us a curve, when we can’t see around the next bend in the road. As we learn to continually listen to and follow Jesus everyday everywhere we’ll not only hit the curve, but we’ll raise our arms in victory as well.
“S”et Free Nowww

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