Gotta Hear it First!

hear the creekAs Jan and I were walking and talking yesterday, she all of a sudden said, “Stop. Do you hear it?” We’d been looking for a creek we knew had to be feeding this particular grove of Aspen trees. Yet, we hadn’t seen it. We continued down the dirt road when all of a sudden, she heard it. We were having a wonderful conversation and with the crunch of our steps, I didn’t.
We left the path and sure enough. There it was running quickly down the hill toward a lake. Sometimes you have to hear it before you see it. It’s the same with our walks with Jesus. It’s going to take hearing and believing before you see it. We want the facts, the truth, and then we’ll decide whether we will believe it or not.
This doesn’t work when it comes to defeating your drugs of choice. If you want off the sin-confession-sin cycle, if you want to stop repeating those sinful behaviors that are destroying your life, it’s going to take hearing from Jesus, trusting His way will change your life, exercising the truth and then and only then will you see the change come (Jn. 8:31-32). Your victory hinges on you grabbing this truth and putting it into your shield faith: hearing comes before seeing. What truth is Jesus asking you to exercise trusting Him for the results? Go head. Exercise. You will see freedom!
S“E”t Free Nowww

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