The Long Winding Road

twist and turnThe creek we discovered yesterday didn’t head down hill in a straight line! It took a zig-zag course as it progressed towards the lake below. As I examined the stream, you could see that rocks, fallen trees, and metal posts forced the stream to change directions as it descended from its source.
Our walks with Jesus will not be a straight line to perfection either. We will face obstacles – both manmade and natural – along our path to see the Spirit exchange our temporary fallen character with Jesus’ eternal victorious life. Some of these zig-zags are caused by our failure to listen and follow Jesus. Will I let my failure form a dam on the stream, causing stagnate undrinkable water? Or will I learn from that failure to keep moving downhill towards the fresh water? I call this the fail-forward principle. We fail forward or in this case, downhill.
How I wish being like Jesus were a straight line, but that’s simply not reality this side of heaven! Stop wasting time beating yourself up. It only causes stagnate water. When you fail, run to Jesus. Get His forgiveness. Ask Him to help you process your failure using His FREEdom process. And start exercising the truth next time in His power. You will taste His sweet victory as you do.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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