Live not Spend Time with God

God is loveI once heard, “My friend is so awesome when they’re in the Word. They’re happy. They’re at peace. But the moment their quiet time is over, it all goes out the window.” This describes the person who chooses to either compartmentalize their life or doesn’t know how to live with a biblical worldview. Hopefully neither one describes you.
Compartmentalization means that each area of life is lived separately from another. I have my God time. I have my work time. I have my family time. I have my recreation time. Etc. They think and act differently in each compartment of their life. This can be seen in the statement, “It’s just business, nothing personal.”
It can also be seen in one’s priorities. God is number one. Family is number two. Work is number three. I’m number four. There can be a subtle lie hidden in this system. If you don’t filter numbers 2-4 four through number 1, you’ve compartmentalized your life.
God doesn’t want to spend time with us. He wants to live with us. If we want the good stuff that can only be found in His presence, we’ll learn to daily retrain our brains to listen to and follow Jesus everyday everywhere. Jesus said He is the Life. If we want to experience real life at home, work, play, etc. we must choose to filter every area of our lives through Him and His Word. We must choose to listen to Him while we’re in the Word and let Him use what He said throughout our day wherever we go. As this happens, true living will be experienced.
“Set Free Nowww”

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