Corrected Vision

focus on Jesus 3Being comfortable in our own skin is not always easily achieved. It is true that we’re created in Christ Jesus. It is also true that we’re God’s workmanship. Yet, at times, we try to be more than who He created us to be, which leads us to our drugs of choice to feel better about ourselves.
He set our height parameters. He gave us the talents we have. He gave us the abilities we have as well. Though He set our parameters, we can get better about listening to and following Jesus in how to use those talents and abilities everyday everywhere. We can enjoy being in the presence of God while going through our daily lives, no matter what our skin looks like.
We can either be daily frustrated by focusing on who we’re not and what He didn’t give us, which leads us to our drugs of choice or we can experience contentment and peace by focusing on who He did make us.
Frustration or contentment, how we view ourselves has a lot to do with both. Hopefully you’re living with corrected vision.
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