Your God is Huge

Lundy Lake trailI thought, “My God, You are huge!” as I looked upon the beautiful mountain waterfall landscapes on my family’s hike up Lundy Lake trail. The total contrasting landscapes on this trail were nothing short of awesome and breathtaking. Our God is indeed huge!
How big is your God and how much of Him do you want to know? Be careful. Think before you answer. You probably know that He loves you. But what does that love really look like?
Let’s face it, much of what we call love these days does not belong in the same atmosphere with the love of God. We love our drugs of choice. We love how they make us feel. We love turning to others and ourselves to meet our needs. Hopefully you are getting the picture. We have a much distorted view of just one aspect of who God is, love.
In order to enjoy those majestic landscapes, you’re going to have to let Jesus take you places you’ve never been. You’re going to have to climb some very tough hills to see sides of Him you’ve never seen. You’ll have to use faith muscles you never knew existed. Yet as the Spirit replaces your worn out ideas/thoughts about Jesus with the “real deal” Jesus, you too will exclaim, “My God, You’re huge!”
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