Secure Enough Not to Defend

no defendEver been corrected or confronted by someone? I have and it doesn’t feel nice. How you view yourself, however, will go a long ways in determining how you handle it – victory over or defeat at the hands of your drugs of choice.
This past week I was rebuked quite firmly. This person was hurt by my action and demanded I do something to correct the situation. What I did was wrong, though I didn’t know it was wrong at the time I did it. After being made aware of my wrong, what would I do?
I’m on a journey to be like Jesus just as you are. With this being true, I, like you, will do stupid stuff from time to time even though we don’t mean to. If we are secure in Christ, we don’t have to defend ourselves. In most cases, this only makes the situation worse, which makes us feel worse and want to take our drug of choice in order to quickly feel good about ourselves.
What did I do? I failed forward. Through the Spirit’s power I was able to admit my mistake, ask forgiveness, take steps to correct the situation and then added truths to my filter as to hopefully not repeat this mistake in the future.
You’re on a journey to be like Jesus. Be secure in who you are as a child of God. Fail forward by learning from your mistakes, not defending yourself against them.
“S”et Free Nowww

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