Darkness Can Lead to Light

out-of-darknessWe have a very personable God who wants to be known. He doesn’t want us to simply know about Him in our heads (i.e. biblical knowledge), but in our hearts so we can trust Him more (i.e. biblical understanding and wisdom). He wants us to know from experience that He actually works in the real worlds in which we daily live. He is not someone we know about, but someone we know personally.
Like all relationships, however, getting to know someone isn’t without its difficulties. Hagar learned that God could see her because she felt alone. David knew his God could take out Goliath because he defeated lions and bears. Both experienced fear. Both were alone as they faced their challenges. And both got to know their God through their dark times.
Darkness is not bad if it leads us to the light, Jesus. We can either sit in the darkness and feel ourselves descend into a pit, which only leads to our drugs of choice, or we can keep walking towards the Light of the World and spiral upward towards peace and joy. Use your biblical tools everyday everywhere to keep listening and getting closer to Jesus, the one who can and will brighten your day.
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