Settle for Someone Better

bread over dirtI came over the ridge and saw what looked like a cloud of dust. The closer I got to the dust bowl I realized it was a herd of sheep walking away from a water truck towards grazing land. The dust settled down once they got to the wheat field –  the destination for satisfying their hunger.
These sheep were not about to eat dirt. They kept going until they hit “pay dirt” – the wheat. How often we settle for what comes first or easiest, the dirt. Jesus is the Bread of Life, the wheat. As a friend of mine often says, “Why settle for artificial sweeteners when you can have the real thing without the calories?”
A step toward victory over our repeated sinful behaviors (aka our drugs of choice) is to realized they don’t satisfy. We’ve got to remember the taste they leave in our mouths minutes, hours and days after we take them – like grit in our teeth from a mouthful of dirt. We must also remember how it felt when we chose Jesus’ way of handling a situation – like sliced warm wheat bread with melting butter.
Choose today to settle for tasting the Bread of Life, the Someone Better.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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