Don’t Eat the Bread!

no eat breadPrior to John 13, Judas had decided to betray Jesus to the Jewish leadership. He was merely looking for the opportunity to do it. In John 13, Jesus said He would reveal His betrayer in a very specific manner. He would hand the marked man a piece of bread. Up until the point Judas took the bread from Jesus’ hand he could have changed the direction of his life. Yet, he took the bread. Gave control of his life to Satan; and, the rest as we say is history.
This is a perfect illustration of the principle: we don’t just fall. We have been thinking about and making choices along the way that lead us to the situation where we took our drug of choice. We don’t just sin. We’ve been thinking about it for a while, just as Judas had. Every step of the way, we can choose to change the course of our lives by changing the way we think. Judas didn’t have to eat the bread and neither do we.
Choose to change the direction of your life toward victory. Use your biblical tools to exchange your lie-based thinking with specific lie fighting truths long before the bread is ever offered.
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