He Knows Your Pain

understandingHere’s something to ponder. Why did tears stream down Jesus’ face over His good friend Lazarus’ death and the pain He saw in all those mourning the passing of their friend and loved one? Jesus already knew that in literal moments Lazarus would be alive. Why not say, “Hold on! It’s hallelujah time! It’s not a time for mourning, but for rejoicing. Lazarus is coming back!”? He knew that pain preceded victory. He was identifying with them in a very personal way.
Most of the time, achieving victory over our drugs of choice is a process that takes time. Before we taste the sweetness of victory, we often have to taste the bitterness of defeat in order to remember it so we don’t want to taste it again.
We can never say to Jesus, “You don’t understand my problem.” Before He could rise from the grave in ultimate victory, He had to go through extreme pain in the Garden and in prison. We will never be able to say, “We are alone,” like Jesus did when He went through the agony of separation from His Father as all humanity’s past, present and future sins (our drug related thinking and taking) were poured out on Him at the cross.
We are not and never will be alone in our struggle for ultimate victory. The searing pain, the sting of defeat and the sense of separation is not lost on Jesus. He knows your pain as He lived it. Yet He also knows that shouts of victorious hallelujahs are also coming. He experienced that as well. Your God not only is walking with you during your struggle, but He understands it as well. It’s time to run into His arms, rather than away from or ignoring Him, as He is the only Way to victory.
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