Shifting Your Focus

focusYesterday began the biblical feast of Sukkot. The people of Israel then and now build and live in temporary shelters/tents for seven days. One thing it does is to remind them and us that this world is not our permanent home, our final destination, it’s only temporary; so don’t get too comfortable in the here and now.
One reason we take our drugs of choice is because we focus way to much on what we see here on this planet, especially when life doesn’t turn out like we think it should. Governments, businesses, and culture are influenced by people who don’t always have our best interests in mind. And when they fail us, we can end up turning to our sinful repeated behaviors to feel better about ourselves, rather than to Jesus.
Think about what you’re stressing over right now. Is it coming with you when you die? Is it temporary or permanent? Only Christ-like character and people will last beyond the boundary between earth and heaven. Thus, each choice you make reveals where your focus is – only on the now, the temporary, or the eternal, the permanent. When we take our drug of choice we’re seeking temporary relief today, not permanent satisfaction tomorrow.
Shift your focus from the here and now to the eternal, from the temporary to the permanent and your choices will begin to change; choices that will replace your temporary unfulfilled to Jesus’ permanently satisfying character.
It’s like the old hymnal said, “This world is not our home. We’re only passing through.” So why focus your attention on what only you can see?
S“E”t Free Nowww

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