Keep Looking at the Signal

left turnI was sitting at a signal waiting for the red left turn arrow to change green when it hit me. Here I am parked while other cars are zipping by me. All I can do is look up at the stupid signal waiting for it to let me proceed. I wasn’t frustrated…this time. I’d given myself plenty of time to get where I was going. Yet, what if I was in a hurry? I’d have been very impatient and very much processing the urge to use another of my drugs of choice.
Does this describe you: have to be some where…yesterday? Keep looking at the signal – Jesus. Or how about, getting impatient at God for letting those around you go while you’re parked? Keep looking at the signal – the Word of God.
“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” (Isaiah 26:3) Staying focused on Jesus and the truths in your shield of faith the Spirit put there will keep you at peace. Remember how He’s already worked in your life while you’re waiting for God’s go ahead and while you stop looking at what He’s doing in other people’s lives will keep you drug free.
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What You See May Not Be True

nonrealityJesus is sitting around the table, more like lounging back then, with His disciples enjoying a Passover Seder. He says one of those at the table with Him will betray Him.
Those eating with Him ask who. He says it will be the guy He gives a piece of bread to after dipping it. They saw Jesus hand it to Judas. The guys saw Judas leave the meal, thinking he was going to run an errand as he was the team’s treasurer. They heard and saw it, but still didn’t get it!
How many times have you been fooled by what you’ve seen and heard? Quite often what we’ve received through our senses, including our feelings, is not totally accurate. Yet, we make decisions based upon this inaccurate information, including the taking of our drugs of choice.
This is all the more reason why we must use our Freedom tools everyday everywhere. The truth sets us free; therefore, we need an outside source of truth to help us determine whether the data that makes its way to our brains is true. Make sure you have time to listen to Jesus in His Word and slow down throughout your day to ask Him to help you see through the situations you face.
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Right Time Right Place

right placeWith their permission, I’d like to share the following true story. I’d been having a conversation with a fellow lover of Jesus. When I asked them, “How are you and Jesus doing?” They bowed their head. Their conversations had been far and few in between, especially when it came to listening to Jesus in the Word.
I said, “How’s that working for you?” With another bow of the head and tears in their eyes, “Honestly, not too well.”
I replied, “Don’t you think it’s time to jump start the conversation and restore the broken relationship.” They said with conviction with eyes now looking into mine, “Yes, it is.”
This person picked up where they had left off in their reading the Bible in a year schedule and just “happened” to be in the right place to hear exactly what they needed to hear from Jesus at that moment in time. They received both a kick in the backside and a word of encouragement in what they heard from Jesus.
You should have seen the smile spread across their face as they told their story. They knew their God was real and very personal. They felt their God deeply cared about them, enough to talk with them. Their God was just waiting for them to listen.
If you haven’t begun, it’s the right time to begin reading the Bible in a scheduled way. You will be in the right place exactly when you need it. Your God loves and cares about you that much.
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Today is Time for Change

move to changeWhat are you going to do differently today to draw closer to Jesus? Remember, nothing changes until something changes.
The same old thoughts, the same old words, the same old actions will end you up in the same old place. If you want to end up some where different, you must decide today to do something different.
This is where walking in the Spirit’s power comes into play. Ask Him to empower you to do that something different today. I did this morning. He showed me what to do. I did it. And I did indeed end up in a different place. Victory sure feels a whole lot better than defeat.
Now it’s your turn. Ask the Spirit what you’re to do differently right now so you can end up with arms raised high in victory. It might be instantaneously, in a few hours or maybe tomorrow. But it will never come until you decide to change. How about making that decision today?
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Colliding Worlds

dirty clean waterWhich river would you rather bathe in? Left or right? Which river would you rather drink from? Dirty or clean? More importantly, what will happen if these two rivers are allowed to merge? All the clean drinkable, bathe able water becomes undrinkable and nasty.
This picture puts our walk with Christ in total perspective. There is a reason your God calls out the dirty water (thoughts that lead to our drugs of choice – our words and actions) that He knows will be both nasty and quite harmful to us. He is the one says, “What partnership is there between righteousness with lawlessness?” They don’t mix. One hurts the other.
You wouldn’t purposefully drink the nasty water. What makes us think your drugs of choice will fare any better? Put your drug of choice into proper perspective. It always ends up nasty.
S“E”t Free Nowww