Tomorrow’s Victory Starts Today

chew on itHere’s something to chew on: If you don’t want to repeat your yesterday tomorrow change your thoughts today.
When you become sick and tired of experiencing the same old defeats, you’re on the road to becoming like Jesus. When you can finally say, “I can’t do it anymore.” You’re ready to experience the power of God that can change your life. When you’re willing to be honest with yourself and slow down to let the Spirit really into your head, victory is on its way. When you’re willing to get rid of your excuses as to why you can’t listen to Jesus in the Word, your tomorrow will become much brighter than your today.
Biblical change starts by surrendering your will to allow the Spirit full access to your heart and mind to root out any and all lies that keep you repeating your yesterday today and tomorrow. Tomorrow’s victory starts by changing your thinking today.
Se“T” Free Nowww

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