Busy or Busy Exercising Faith?

purposeful actionSomeone once said, “Never confuse motion with action.” Many believers are doing lots of things for Jesus as if He needs them to do anything for Him. They read their Bible because good Christians are supposed to do it. They go to services (notice I didn’t say “church”) because they believe that’s what they should do.
They are certainly in motion, but not putting their faith into action. Exercising the right truths at the right time by faith in the Spirit’s power is an action that will produce life change – the end result of faith actions.
Healthy believers don’t do “good things” simply to do them. This is motion. Healthy believers hear from Jesus what truths they need to put into action in order to draw closer to Him, the source of the good stuff.
Examine your life today. Were you just busy or busy putting your faith in action? They are not one and the same. Healthy believers learn the difference.
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