Heed the Siren in Your Heart

sirenI heard it long before I saw it. I was driving home when I heard a siren blasting through the air. I started looking around to see where it was coming from and for a safe place to pull over.
There it was, coming at me from the left hand side of the road. It was a screaming ambulance trying to rapidly come to someone’s rescue. After it passed, I was able to continue on my journey home.
We, as believers, have an internal warning system called the Holy Spirit. He can see what’s ahead long before we do and can tell us how to slow down and safely pull over. Just as there are expensive fines for ignoring blaring sirens, there are consequences if we fall to heed the Spirit’s prompting.
You might slow down and examine the situation you’re in the next time you hear the voice in your head or the prompting of your heart telling you to pull over. It could be the Spirit saving you the huge expense of falling to your drug of choice or missing out on the blessing by failing to follow Jesus.
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