Clear Thinking is Crucial

Clear Thinking“It’s not that bad!” This kind of fuzzy thinking leads to our drugs of choice. It basically says that what I’m doing is not so bad or is just a little bad when it’s compared to something that is really bad.
Really, compared to what? And, who decides? We’re in deep trouble if we and/or our culture are the measuring sticks by which bad or good is measured.
From Genesis to Revelation God is bringing order to a chaotic world brought on by our enemy who controls a great deal of the messages we hear each day. Fuzzy “not that bad” thinking leads to failures. Clear biblical thinking leads to experiencing the good stuff Jesus has for us.
The source of clear thinking is Jesus and His Word. Fuzzy thinking gives us all the reasons we shouldn’t listen to Jesus. Clear thinking breaks through that fuzziness to listen to what we need to hear to experience victory. So, what did you hear in the Word today?
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