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Focus on JesusToday I’ll let you into my real time world. I’m struggling with what I call the “slimes” as I write this entry. It’s where I feel gloomy for no apparent reason. It’s raining outside. I had a tough battle for my mind yesterday. Drugs of choice were flying off the shelf.
This is the time to stay focused on the truth, Jesus. His Word pleads with us to use times like this, especially times like these, to praise Him for who He is and what He’s done for and in me. If I choose to focus on the slime, I’ll want to take those drugs that are flying towards me. If I choose to focus on Jesus, I can choose a smile on my face as the drugs fly past me.
You might be having a rough day. You might even be getting slimmed as well. If not, still listen up. Where will your focus be – Jesus or the slime – when you’re feeling down? Though I’m still feeling a little gloomy, I’m choosing Jesus and the smile. How about you?
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