Not Seeing Reality

not realityYou are seeing a lit light bulb. You do, however, realize that the light bulb is not actually lit, right? It’s obvious that the sun is what is making the bulb appear lit when in reality it’s not.
On your journey to become more like Jesus, it will appear through our way of looking at life that nothing is happening or the Spirit is not working when in reality He actually is. It’s just that you can’t see it at the moment.
It’s at times like that that we often get discouraged. It doesn’t seem like a change life will ever happen. We think, “God where are You? I can’t see You here.” Thus, discouragement sets in that makes us want to handle life our way (aka take our drug of choice).
These are the circumstances when we’ve got to stop trusting our eyes and keep on trusting Jesus. Your God is a promise keeping God. The Spirit is always working to draw us closer to Jesus, even when it doesn’t appear that way to us. Don’t let what appears to be reality keep you from listening to and following what you know your God has already told you to do. In His time, the real reality will come to the surface with a whole of praise shouting along with it.
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