Order Amidst Chaos

order in chaosThe Spirit has been bringing order to a chaotic world since before the beginning of human history (Gen. 1:2). Therefore, He’s got a proven track record that can be trusted when it comes to bringing order to a chaotic world.
When it comes to achieving order in the midst of chaos, Galatians 5:23 gives us important truths about self-control. First, you can’t bring control/order to your own life. As self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, it can only come as a natural byproduct of walking with the Spirit. Two, to gain self-control, you must recognize your world is out of control/chaotic and in need of being put in control/order. Three, keeping in step with the Spirit doesn’t give you control over other people’s lives, only yours. Finally, the Spirit doesn’t give you control over your circumstances, only you in the midst of those circumstances.
If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s when we feel out of our control that we desire to take our drugs of choice. We believe we must handle outside pressure our way in order to bring balance to our world. This is lie-based thinking. According to the above truths, our way of handling life can never give us the control we seek.
Self-control (an ordered mind and heart) in the midst of a chaotic world (pressure from outside sources and the junk already in our heads caused by previous outside sources) comes only through listening to and following Jesus in the midst of the chaotic world in which we live.
The Spirit brought order to chaos before. He can do it again. It’s time to trust the truths He’s given you (if you don’t have any, don’t you think it’s time you do?) from the Word of God (if you’re not in it, don’t you think it’s time you start?) and ask for His strength to walk in step with those truths.
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