Check Under the Hood

coolant lightMy car’s “Low Coolant” light came on today. I had two options when I saw it. I could choose to ignore it and keep driving. This option, if continually followed, would eventually lead to my engine over heating causing it to seize up and no longer run resulting in a few thousand dollar repair bill. Or, I could choose to head the warning and put a few cents worth of coolant into my radiator’s overflow container and keep enjoying driving safely for many more miles. A few cents now or a few thousand later, it’s kind of a no brainer when put that way.
Why, then, do we become brain dead when it comes to the Spirit’s warning signals, like our peace, joy, security, love or significance reservoirs either being low or empty? The Word of God tells us that Jesus is the source for all of these. It also tells us that He wants to keep our reservoirs full, each and every day. When they’re not or are running low, it’s like my low coolant light coming on. It’s time to check under the hood.
The fix could be as simple as the Spirit adding another truth to our filters or refocusing our eyes on the ones He’s already given us as we’re starting to stray from Jesus because of life’s distractions. It might even be picking up our forgiveness tool to deal with hurts caused by our own or others’ actions. Either way it’s like the old commercial, “Pay me now or pay me later.”
Choose to head the Spirit’s warnings to check under your hood. Taking care of business today is a whole lot easier than waiting for tomorrow’s huge repair bill.
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