The Perfect Balance

perfect balanceJoy and disappointment are the norm for the growing believer. Hebrews 10:14 reveals the believer in Jesus is both perfect and being made perfect at the same time. Jesus has both changed us, joy, and is changing us, disappointment.
Christians often say, “Hey, I’m not perfect. I have a long way to go, but I’ve seen Jesus change my life.” This is not just a humble statement. It’s the true reality of a healthy believer who is exercising the truth as they walk with the Spirit. We are perfect in God’s eyes; and yet, we are being made perfect at the same time.
We will experience both great joy over defeating some drugs of choice and great disappointment at falling to others, quite possibly on the same day. Go with it rather than beating yourself up. This balance of joy and disappointment will be the day to day reality for those who love Jesus as they listen to and follow Him in their every day life situations.
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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Balance

  1. Disappointment is not that HE is perfecting us – that’s part of the joy. Disappointment would be if HE gave up on us, said we weren’t worthy of His effort and love. Please everybody, find joy in the perfecting, not just the perfection.

  2. Thanks for the clarifying comment. There is joy not only in the end result, but also in the process and the fact that He never ever gives up on us in that process. Yeah, we get disappointed at ourselves over our less than stellar choices in following Jesus, but the fact that we’re growing should bring great joy to our heart. Don’t focus on the disappointments, but on the joy of becoming like our awesome Savior!

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