Choices Every Morning

Jesus Door“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness,” writes the author of Lamentations. Did you catch that? The author of the book was one singing a bummer song; and yet, in the midst of that song was hope. The love radiating from His Lord was a forever thing. His God came each and every day to rescue those who mess up. Despite the lousy situation, His God faithfully gave him the love and mercy he needed every morning!
That is indeed good news! Each day is a new door to walk through. Each door is the process of getting closer to the One we say we love and need. And with each door that pops up before us, we have three options to take. We can retreat, standstill, or go through it. One is bad, one leaves you wanting and the other is the ability to experience your Jesus.
Retreat means you’re handling life your way by not going where Jesus wants you, which only brings negative consequences. Standing still is where you’re using your biblical tools to walk with Christ, but you’ve stopped going forward and you’re missing out on what Jesus has for you, today.
No, the best option is to go through the door Jesus has put before you. Each day can be a new adventure with Jesus. Could you mess up? Yup, but there is mercy waiting on the other side. Could you be taking the walk alone? Yup, but there is love waiting for you on the other side. Your God is faithful. Keep walking with the Spirit through each door Jesus places before you.
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