Keep Enjoying Jesus

enjoyBeautiful picture, huh? I’d have missed it if I had let fatigue stop me. I’d been up and going non-stop since before the crack of dawn when I got home. I plopped down into my easy chair when the thought entered my brain, “Do I have time to talk with my Jesus before my next appointment?”
I decided to pull myself out of my chair and hit the road. Oh, I’m so glad I did. The picture doesn’t do the colors justice. And yet, what if I had let fatigue get in the way? I would have missed a wonderful talk with Jesus and His signature on the day if I’d stayed in my chair with its warm arms around me telling me how comfortable I was and why would I want to leave.
Don’t let life or the fatigue of life keep you from walking with and enjoying Jesus. If you stop and think about it. Isn’t that one of the reasons you came to faith in Him in the first place?
“S”et Free Nowww

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