Keep Forgiving

forgivnessYou’ve got to love Peter. He’s so like you and me. He asks Jesus, with chest all puffed out, “How many times do I need to forgive someone who’s hurt me? Seven times?” He thought he was being very magnanimous.
Jesus deflated Peter’s chest when He said, “Peter, my friend, you’ve got it all wrong. Not seven times, but seventy times seven times.” Peter had already forgotten what Jesus had taught him on this subject. “Forgive men when they sin against you, and your heavenly Father will also forgive you. If you don’t, watch out. He won’t forgive yours.”
Forgiveness is not an option for healthy believers. It’s an ongoing freedom tool. Forgiveness brings cleansing (1 John 1:9). Cleansing brings healing. Healing brings wholeness. So if you want to be whole again because someone’s hurt you, pick up your forgiveness tool. If doesn’t matter whether they ask you for it or not! If you want your pain to fester and become infected, which only hurts you, don’t forgive them. If you want wholeness, forgive.
Biblical forgiveness (see Chapter 11 of More Than a Sunday Faith) brings back what you’re after – peace. Don’t let others’ hurts continue to hurt you. Stay clean. Be whole. Constantly keep on giving and getting forgiveness.
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