Do Overs

do overAs kids we used to play Four Square during recess. It’s a game where there is one person within each of four squares. As the ball is hit into any square the person in that square must hit it into another square. There are two options if they fail to do so. One, they leave the game and go to the end of the line of people waiting to get into a square. Or two, they can call, “Do over!” and stay in the game. However, you only get one “do over” per recess. It’s a second chance to stay in the game.
This illustrates the “N” principle – never give up on yourself as Jesus won’t – in our struggle to overcome our drugs of choice. Jesus gives us a “do over” if we fall. Keep in mind that just like in Four Square, you failed in front of all those playing the game. It was embarrassing; and yet, you’re still in the game with a chance to redeem yourself. And just like in the game, you can be victorious next time over your drug of choice.
As one author put it, “We are never finished with our work in this world. There is always more untapped potential. No matter how successful (my note: or unsuccessful in some cases) and busy we are, there is room for “Act Two.” … There is always more we can to do. And remember: it’s not your burden; it’s your pleasure!”
Failure or success doesn’t define you; being a secure child of God does. Jesus gave us Himself, which gives us our unlimited potential to be victorious like Him. There is always another Act to our life’s play. We don’t have to like, be comfortable with or even want failure, but it is our reality this side of heaven. And though Act One might have stunk, Act Two can be sweet.
This process is not a burden, but a pleasure because it gives you another chance to taste the sweetness of victory. Jesus’ “do overs” give you the opportunity to taste that sweetness.
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