It Really Can Get Better

imageA number of people have told me, “Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. I keep saying, ‘Wow,’ every place you take us on this trip.” Each day we are meeting new people of different nationalities and faiths while experiencing Israel. Each day we are visiting new places that bring the Bible alive. It’s one wow experience after another.
This particular day ended with our group praying for peace in Syria on the Israel-Syrian border. We repeated this the next day at the Lebanon-Israel border as well.
Each day can be a new experience with Jesus. It can and should have a ‘wow’ factor every time we filter our decisions through the Word of God. It comes each time we choose to listen to and follow Jesus in our daily situations.
Don’t let your enemy rob of this good feeling as it comes from Jesus Himself. He is saying, “I am proud of you!” It’s okay to be wowed by your Jesus. It’s okay to feel good about making His kind of choices. Yes, life can really get better.
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