What’s Behind a Name

imageCapernaum was Jesus’ home base and the location where He began His ministry. It’s name in Hebrew is actually two words, Kephar Nachum, and means, “the village of the comforter.” It was no coincidence Jesus camped out here.
Long before He was born, the Bible revealed in Isaiah 9 that this area would be called “the Galilee of the nations/gentiles,” not Israel. And yet there would come a time when the people would see a great light that would ease their burden.
Who was going to ease that burden? Jesus. He would be the light that would shine into their hearts to change them from the inside out. No matter how much outside pressure they faced, they could be at peace on the inside.
We head to our drugs of choice because of inside pressure; but when we’re at peace within, we don’t need them. Jesus is your comforter. He is the One who can bring light into any situation and bring comfort no matter what you’re facing.
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