Deal with Your Drug of Choice – Now!

worst enemyI opened my morning paper today to dismay and disbelief. “Mr. Padre” and all around good guy, Tony Gwynn, died yesterday after a bout with cancer. It appears that his drug of choice killed him.
The article stated, “Even while battling cancer, Gwynn talked of how strong the craving for ‘chew’ (aka smokeless tobacco) could be.”
In a 2011 interview, Mr. Gwynn said, “It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with. The cravings are still there. I’ve had to try and fight them.”
The article ended with this, “Maybe that will be one of Gwynn’s last and strongest messages. Hopefully anyone using smokeless tobacco, or thinking of trying it, will pay careful attention.”
I also read the following quote today from someone who didn’t even know about Mr. Gwynn’s passing, “You are the instrument of your own wreckage.” Though I am a die-hard LA Dodger fan, I’m going to miss “Mr. Padre” from San Diego. Hopefully, we’ll all hear his last message loud and clear: deal with your drug of choice now or you could pay a heavy price later.
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  1. This entry caused me to look back at “Uphill Climbs are Good for You”, our need to change our old character, and how God does that by using challenges in our lives. What is incredibly difficult for us to change, God can change powerfully, if we just give the issue to Him, leave it with Him, and don’t pick it up again. Quitting smoking, chew, whatever, is easier than dealing with cancer or overdose or whatever long term consequence. Thanks PC.

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