Reason, not React, to Life

Focus on JesusSometimes the situations we face seem minor while others seem quite major. How we handle the minor ones determines whether they will become major or not.
How so? We often handle the minor ones on our own and run the major ones by Jesus. There is one problem with this line of thinking – minors can lead to majors if we’ve not trained ourselves to filter all decisions through the FREEdom process.
Christ-like character (aka new godly habits) is formed by reasoning life through scripture, not reacting to its situations. As you’re in the Word listening for the lie-fighting truths Jesus gives you, you’ll be able to see life through His eyes. With each choice to exercise that that truth through the Spirit’s power, you’re forming Christ-like character, a new habit.
If you merely react to life without reasoning it through Scripture, how will know that the minor decision you made didn’t let a lie squeeze through a gap in your filter, which can lead to major bad habit later?
Jesus ran everything through His Father (Jn. 5:19). If trusting ourselves forms the bad habits, shouldn’t we follow His example to keep them from forming in the first place or overcoming them once there? Learn to reason life through scripture, not react to its situations.
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