Stop the Bouncing Balls

brain hurtI’ve sensed the Lord wants me to follow up yesterday’s blog with this: What in the world is going on inside your head? Or more accurately, what in the world are you allowing to bounce around inside the walls of your mind?
A good friend of mine once said, “You are the instrument of your own wreckage.” Another posted this quote from D.L. Moody, “I have more problems with myself than with any other man.” Ring true in your life?
Sometimes the biggest voice in my head is mine. This morning I was driving to an appointment when my mind drifted down a path it didn’t need to go. Literally, the Spirit piped in, “You’re a child of God, right?” Yup. “Then I wrote to tell you that you’re complete in Jesus. Why waste time on a path that takes you away from what you already have in Him?” I threw out that bouncing ball.
I’ve heard countless stories where negative thoughts wash over a person’s brain that can’t be discerned as to what triggered them. But all of a sudden, the person has quite a few bouncing balls in their mind. As the sound gets louder, their joy exits and desire to quit living for Jesus grows in strength.
We don’t always get to choose the balls that bounce in our heads, but it is our choice whether to let them keep bouncing or not! We can cut down on the head noise, if we choose to replace the lies (bouncing balls) with the truths God’s Word gives us. As we do, peace will reign (Is. 26:3). If not, peace destroying drugs of choice will start bouncing.
You are God’s workmanship and He doesn’t make junk. So, stop talking junk about yourself to yourself and start focusing on the truth you’re a secure and valuable child of God through faith in Jesus!
“S”et Free Nowww

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