Faith Works

faith worksSomeone tweeted this to me today, “Jesus is the reason why: in pain, I smile; in confusion, I understand; in betrayal, I trust; and, in fear, I push forward.”
If this is true in your life, it means you have a faith that works in the real world as all those things happen in our day to day lives. If not true, could it be that you have a Sunday only faith that needs to expand to Monday?
We live in enemy territory where our smiles can turn in to frowns, confusion can make our eyebrows turn up, betrayal can rip out our hearts and fear can make us cower. Don’t let this happen! More of these situations will come your way. Using your biblical tools today to process life through the victory fighting truths the Spirit shows you gives you the ability to live out what you believe today and tomorrow.
Let’s show those around us that Jesus is making such a difference in our lives that they can’t help but ask, “What makes you smile when you’re in pain, remain calm when confused, stay strong when betrayed and push through your fears?”
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