You’ve Been Changed Today

thinkDo you realize that you’re being changed everyday you live on this planet? Whether it’s good or bad is up to you.
This is true because of the wonderful brain God gave you. It collects all kinds of data through your senses that will eventually come out in your behavior, which if repeated, will change your character (Rom. 12:2). You’re being bombarded with daily messages from talk radio spouting their opinions, from advertisers selling their product that will bring satisfaction you’re looking for, from news writers filtering the news through their worldview, from Facebook chatter and Twitter feeds, from TV shows and movies telling their stories, and on and on it goes ad infinitum throughout your day wherever you go. I didn’t even mentioned what you say to yourself!
The crucial question is, “What are you doing with this data?” Your brain can’t ignore it or block it out! Unless you filter it out, the incoming data will affect you. You don’t always have a choice over what you hear, but you do have total choice over what you will do once you hear it. Talking to the radio is not a bad thing. Nodding your head to the lyrics of song is a good thing. Stopping the movie to talk about what went on is okay, especially if it’s a children’s show!
If you want to change for the good, which means becoming more like Jesus, you need to constantly filter this data through the truths of Scripture. You’ve got to let Jesus wash your brain of the lies that are in and/or have already entered your brain (Eph. 5:26).
I greatly encourage you today, in the Spirit’s power, to use the FREEdom process Jesus gave you in the Scriptures. As you use do, it will wash out the lies and reinforce the truths that will set you free to enjoy true satisfaction – one that starts today and lasts forever – a Christ-like changed life.
Filter or not to filter, that’s your choice and that choice today will affect your life tomorrow – good or bad.
Set “FREE” Nowww
If you want to know more about the FREEdom process or can’t remember how to use it, get the book, More Than a Sunday Faith, to learn or refresh your memory.

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