Get Repentance Right!

repentRepent! You’ve seen the signs. You’ve seen the angry faces and pointed fingers. Yet, the word repent is being greatly misused. It has nothing to do with your behavior! The English word is based on a Greek word that means to change your thinking, not your behavior!
When most people hear this word, however, they believe God is asking them to stop doing what they’re doing. Nope, that’s only window dressing the problem. Jesus wants to change you from the inside out, not the other way around; and, the only way to do this is to get at the root of the problem – your lie-based thinking.
Ask yourself, “Is your way of living working for you?” It not, don’t examine what you’re doing wrong; examine what you’re thinking, as there lays the issue. Jesus doesn’t want us to stop our sinful behavior and replace it with a better one. He knows that if the lie-based thinking still exists, your old behavior will re-surface again.
It’s time to examine your thinking. Biblical repentance leads to victory over that sin/drug of choice. So, if you’re way of living brings you down rather than up, use the FREEdom process today to begin the process of true repentance that leads to lasting life change.
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