The Physics of Life-change

change is processGet sick? Go see a doctor for 15 minutes or less, who prescribes a pill. Got a problem? Watch a TV show that will solve it in 22-24 minutes, depending upon how many commercials they can sell. Hungry? Get fast food (whether it’s healthy or not is altogether a different story). We live in a fast paced society that wants answers and solutions…yesterday.
We can’t let that mentality creep into our thinking when it comes to our walks with Jesus. God laid out the physics of nature. If He chooses to override it, it’s called a miracle. Understand, though, miracles are by definition rare. If they were every day occurrences, they would be part of the physics that run the planet. If walking on top of the water happened everyday, we wouldn’t need flotation devices!
God also laid out the physics or process of life change. I believe it to be the Set Free Nowww process. As God, He can choose to override that process at anytime. The truth, however, is that the magic pill is rare. The everyday reality is that God wants us to exercise what Adam and Eve didn’t – to love Him enough to choose to listen to and follow Him wherever we are (Jn. 14:23).
Need your life changed? Pray for the pill, but start lovingly trusting Jesus today by choosing to use your biblical life change tools. Your life will be changed every time you do. And by the way, relax. It takes time to retrain your brain (Rom. 12:2)!
Set Free “N”owww

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