Accomplishing not Doing Something

Blur2I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it’s the end of August already! Where did the rest of 2014 go? If that’s you, you’re in the blur zone.
And when it comes to this blur zone, the Lord has been trying to pound something into my head. It’s a thought that I seem to hear everywhere I go – “activity does not equal accomplishment.” This age old saying can be updated to say, “Busyness doesn’t mean you’re doing anything.”
Samson was a judge for the nation of Israel (Judges 13-16). And time and time again Sampson would bring victory for Israel over her occupying power – the Philistines. Yet, what he was doing wasn’t very productive. The Bible relates one simple fact about Samson’s life. He did more in one day than he did in his entire life (Judges 16:28-30) On the last day of his life, Samson asked God to give him the strength so he could push on the pillars of Dagon’s Temple and bring down the house – literally. In his twenty years of leading Israel, one act outweighed all the rest of his life.
The difference was about what Samson was busy doing. He did a lot of things, but didn’t accomplish much. He is the poster boy for “Busyness doesn’t mean you’re doing anything.” He was busy doing stuff that didn’t amount too much. Yet keep in mind that The Book says we can do everything we do for God’s glory. All the tasks of life can have lasting value – if we do them for and in the power of Jesus.
As you look over your daily list of things to do, are you accomplishing something or merely doing something? Every act can draw us closer to Jesus. Let’s be busy about being more Christ-like in our behavior than just living in the blur zone.
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