Downsize and Simplify

Pslam crossWe can let life pull us in so many directions by making us think that everything needs our attention…right now. And when we think we have to be in two places at one time – not physically, but for sure mentally – we become fatigued mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
It’s time to downsize those expectations and simplify your life. We can learn how from ol’ King Shlomo (Solomon). He tried “everything under the sun” and yet he drew one conclusion from it all – fear and follow God alone. Life really is that simple. It’s not about getting everything done that ends up on our plates, but a series of opportunities to choose to walk with and become more like Jesus in the midst of those demands.
Simplify your life today. “Lord, help me to do what You want done to today, regardless whether or not it’s on my plate.” The Psalmist said the same thing on the cross pictured above. Jesus does have a purpose for you life. And when we surrender to it and Him, He will fulfill it. Therein in lies the key, surrender. His loves us more than words can ever express. It’s time to purposefully slow down and listen to Him. Our way brings fatigue. His way brings fulfillment.
Stay focus on the main purposes Jesus has for your life: becoming more like Him in all your actions and sharing His love with those around you. Have a great time today listening to Jesus.
“S”et Free Nowww

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